Sealing Gel for Diamond Painting (High Gloss)

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Diamond Painting Gel Sealant for Ultimate Shine & Protection

Celebrate your creativity with Heartful Diamonds' Gel Sealant for diamond paintings.

  • Never again worry about diamonds falling off your finished masterpiece!
  • Specifically designed to protect and enhance diamond art, this gel sealant ensures that each tiny, glittering diamond bead remains secure and vibrant.
  • Our clear, non-yellowing formula keeps the authentic colors of your diamond painting intact, providing a sturdy barrier against dust and wear.
  • With its straightforward application process and rapid drying time, our Heartful Diamonds Gel Sealant makes preserving your diamond painting as enjoyable as creating it.

Give your masterpiece the glossy finish it deserves with Heartful Diamonds, your trusted partner in diamond painting.

Important Product Information

  • Limit one (1) per customer per order.
  • Each tube is 60ml (~2 fl oz).
  • Can be used for approx. 3 completed diamond paintings size 40x50cm (16x20"). Single layer.
  • Our formula is odor-free and non-toxic. However please keep out of reach of small children.

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