Create Custom Diamond Painting - Personalized Diamond Art Kits

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Buy a custom diamond painting made from your photo!

Simply upload any image from your phone or computer and choose your preferred size and shape for your custom artwork.

⭐ Free human-made design previews before you buy.

⭐ Precise color matching and correction for better details.

⭐ 100% satisfaction guarantee on all custom designs.

Limited time offer: Free roll of washi tape and release paper with every kit!

Preview Plus: A Heartful Diamonds Exclusive Service

We provide accurate renditions of your selected images and suggest the ideal sizes for maximum detail.

  • Our commitment is to deliver a unique diamond painting design that resonates specifically with you.
  • You'll get diamond art renders in at least 2 sizes, each offering stunning results.
  • Complete our brief 60-second form now.

What makes Preview Plus different?

Our experts personally tailor each preview based on size, subject and colors. We promise a final artwork that truly reflects the essence of your original photo.

How long does it take to make my specialized diamond painting kit?

  • Wait time for designs, printing and packing: 6-8 days
  • Wait time for shipping and delivery: 8-18 days

Delivery times are an estimate only and will vary based on your country. But we promise the wait will be worth it!

Choosing the best photo

How to choose the best photo?

All you have to do is upload your photo and we will take care of the rest but it helps if you follow these simple guidelines.

  • Use a photo that is clear (not blurry). The mosaic effect of custom diamond painting drills may turn blurry objects into blobs.
  • Close-up or zoomed in shots over far away shots. Customized diamond artworks require more space to show fine details.
  • Avoid direct sunlight or heavy shadows. The DMC colors used in diamond art lack the colors to make light and dark 100% life-like.
Choosing the best size

What's the best size for my unique diamond painting?

Photos of groups of people and complex backgrounds need a large size to capture all the details. Choose a larger size for your custom diamond art creation if:

  • Your photo includes more than one person or pet.
  • You prioritize clear and visible details in your artwork.
  • It fits your budget.
Square or Round diamonds

Which diamond shape to choose?

Choose round diamonds if:

  • You’d prefer to not fiddle around with perfect placement.
  • You want maximum sparkle. Round beads have more facets.
  • The best option if you want to get stuck into the fun without the hassle!

Choose square diamonds if:

  • You want all your diamond pieces to fit together snugly. No gaps!
  • Your picture has a lot of intricate details like landscapes.
  • You don’t mind a challenge and have a steady hand.
Order a custom (not listed) size

Order the biggest canvas sizes!

If you need your tailor-made diamond painting to be larger than life, we’ve got what you need.

Simply hit the button below to be taken to our special product page!

Get a custom canvas size!

If you have a very specific size requirement – request a custom-made canvas from us. No extra charge.

Know the size you need? Hit the button below to request a custom size for your made-to-order diamond painting!

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How To Order Your Personalized Diamond Art

What's Inside a Heartful Custom Kit

whats in the custom kit

Every custom-crafted diamond painting kit comes with everything you need, right out of the box!

  • ✨ 1. Anti-crease canvas.
  • ✨ 2. HD color guide.
  • ✨ 3. Diamond drills to complete your picture.
  • ✨ 4. Applicator pen with bulk placers and wax pieces.
  • ✨ 5. Stackable drill tray.

The Diamond Standard for Customs

Tailored diamond paintings made exactly the way you want

At Heartful Diamonds,  we have a special process in place to ensure that all custom diamond dotz look as lifelike as possible.

Photo Enhancements

A better quality picture almost always equals a better result. Our quality team first gives your picture the professional makeover it deserves.

Custom Rendering

Our specialists work on the diamond art render to make the important details shine. This results in smoother skin tones and brighter smiles.

This service is a Heartful Diamonds exclusive.

#1 Trusted Brand

Heartful Diamonds has been delivering top quality customizable diamond art kits since 2018.


Will you deliver to my country?

Heartful Diamonds ships globally with few exceptions. Shipping is calculated at checkout. We cover shipping costs for orders over $75. Processing takes 6-8 days, and delivery times are around 8-18 days. It may be longer if you are outside the USA, UK, most of the EU, Canada, or Australia.

What materials do you use to make custom diamond art?

We employ only the finest materials in your custom diamond paintings. Imagine a patented soft felt canvas featuring anti-crease technology, eco-friendly resin drills that capture light brilliantly, and glue with a lifelong bond. This is the Heartful Diamonds promise.

Does Heartful Diamonds cost more?

At Heartful Diamonds, we prioritize value over being the cheapest. Your custom diamond painting kit is an important investment. If we don't meet your expectations in quality and service, we will gladly refund your money.

Are customs made in the USA?

All our personalized diamond paintings are made in China. If a company claims otherwise, be cautious! Heartful Diamonds stands out with meticulous quality control and superior customer service.

Who makes the best custom diamond painting kits?

Heartful Diamonds is the best place to get a custom diamond painting! We pride ourselves on creating some of the finest tailored diamond art kits available, with a personal touch that stands out from the rest. Our commitment to quality and detail makes us a top choice for those looking for a custom diamond painting kit.

Why order personalized diamond art?

Personalized diamond art is the perfect way to melt away stress and gain a sense of achievement while creating a masterpiece for your home

Our team can easily improve any picture of your choice. Before ordering individualized diamond art kits, there are just a few details you should be aware of. So, take the time to read all the information on this page.

Privacy and Legal

All images submitted by you will only ever be used by us to design and create your custom diamond art. Heartful Diamonds guarantees not to share or sell them, respecting your rights to use any images submitted for your custom pictures.