Our story

Ask any diamond painting enthusiast to tell you about the time they received their first kit, and they'll tell you about how that moment was the turning point in their lives.
With a wistful look in their eyes they'll reminisce fondly about the fresh feel of the canvas...
The giddy excitement of peeling back the protective film...
Pulse racing as they pour out their first little bag of 'diamond' resins, shimmering and sparkling on the holding tray...
With the magic glue pen in hand, the tip goes into the wax, the tray gets a little shake and the very first diamond is picked up...!
'Pop'! It goes on to the canvas and a brand new love affair was born.

Okay, so maybe that was just my experience and most other people's first time won't be so dramatic! Nevertheless, diamond painting has no doubt changed countless lives for the better.
It is such a creative and productive way to briefly excuse yourself from the craziness of every day life.
If this is your first time trying diamond painting: I hope you will find something valuable in your experience.
I believe diamond painting is reaching a wider audience by the day. Millions of others who have just discovered it - whether through a friend, family member or just by chance while browsing online - are falling in love with the simple, but addictive process of sticking shimmery little beads onto a canvas.

But anyway, to continue on from my story... unfortunately a few of my next dozen or so diamond painting purchases didn't quite match up to the magic of that first time.
I found that there was such a huge inconsistency in the quality and customer service of each of the different sellers online.
The excitement I felt in waiting to get a design I really wanted was dulled by long shipping delays, bad packaging, missing diamonds, creased canvases - and worst of all, the sales reps just didn't seem empathetic.
For something that's meant to bring joy and relaxation to my life, I surely wasn't getting what I bargained for!
Heartful Diamonds was born out of a deep seated desire to make the whole experience the way it's meant to be, from the time you visit our website until the moment you're holding your new purchase in your hands.
Create, love and share with us today.

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What is Diamond Painting?

It is the art of gluing cut resin rhinestones to a sticky textile canvas, following a printed color grid based on a design. The goal is to make a gorgeous "painting" that, true to its namesake, shimmers just like actual diamonds.

As society gets better at connecting us, it also makes us busier and increases our stress cortisol levels. We owe it to our poor, stressed out brains to tune it all out sometimes - even if just for a few moments each day. Heartful Diamonds offers a unique way for people of all ages to really relax and just create incredible art pieces in your own time. It's so easy to pick up and there's no need to spend days or weeks learning any hard skills - promise.

But maybe this isn't the first time you've heard about Diamond Paintings. So why should you choose to buy from us? Read on!

We are innovators

When you visit Heartful Diamonds, you step into a whole new world of Diamond Paintings that consistently aims to surprise and delight all customers. We have been helping suppliers find customers for this wondrous hobby for over 4 years and are proud to say we have a deep understanding of all the things diamond painting fans want. As you browse through our comprehensive selection, here's what you'll find:

A large range of truly eye-catching and classic full drill designs with the option to pick either Square or Round for most kits.
Gorgeous hand-designed canvases that include uniquely shaped "Special Diamonds".
Partial Drill Kits that focus only on the best parts of the picture.
Custom Kits where you can submit your very own photo or favorite image!
Jaw-dropping multi-panel designs that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on visitors to your home.

Free US Domestic Shipping on Custom Kits for orders over $75 USD and selected best-selling full drill kits from our secondary warehouse in California.

Plus so much more -- discover something new each time you visit!

To easily access any of the above options from one location, please visit our home page here. Our only aim is to be the standout choice for your "Diamond Paintings Cravings!".



"Beautiful high quality canvas and top notch customer service.
Heartful Diamonds in the only place I will order from."

Angie Brookover / June 20, 2019

I absolutely loved doing my custom.
The customer service, canvas, and drills were all top quality!

Princess Stassi/ March 21, 2019

"Everytime I order I get my order perfect and customer service is so helpful!!"

CJ Momo Marie/ June 2, 2019

"Excellent quality diamond paintings with brilliant color. Amazing customer service whether it be a problem, advice on a custom diamond painting, or current order. I recently just ordered and received my 3rd diamond painting from them and completed my 1st one ordered from them."

Debra Harris / April 14, 2019

I recently received three paintings. The canvas was of good quality and symbols are very clear. The drills are great and look lovely when placed on the canvas. Shipping and packaging was good and I will certainly buy again from them.

Kathy Bahr/ January 18, 2019

"Everything Heartful Diamonds make is wonderful. The color is beyond measure and I will be buying more of there's. I am working on one now and it
is wonderful to not have to worry about the symbols. They are all clear. I love them and I would recommend them to anyone and I will. Thanks Heartful of Diamonds for such a great product."

Patricia Stephens / April 9, 2019


As the hobby becomes increasingly more popular, we began to realize that certain standards have not progressed much. Many suppliers are still taking shortcuts for the sake of price competition, resulting in some poor experiences with crushed boxes, creased and folded canvases, frequently missing diamonds and even blurry or ineligible symbols. For this craft to hit new heights, we believe that something needed to change.

Here are some reasons why you should consider us:

Canvases quality checked by in-house experts - We frequently inspect: canvas material, diamonds quality, clearness of symbols, stickiness of glue and durability of tools.
Exclusive "Bullet proof" packaging - Nothing's worse than receiving a deformed painting. Medium to larger sized international air-shipped canvases are wrapped with a patented "air cushion" to protect against nasty creases.
Faster shipping times - Once shipped, our average delivery time is just 2 weeks to most countries compared to the 4+ weeks of other stores. Need it even faster? We also ship domestically from the USA!
Diamonds double-check - We have dedicated staff personally check off each of the diamonds required to be in the packing list by hand - greatly reducing the odds of missing diamonds.
More choices - Whether your preference is Full or Partial, Square or Round, Special, Standard, Jewel-Encrusted, Custom... we've got it all! Plus one of the largest selections of supplies and accessories around!

We now sell to hundreds of customers worldwide every day. We hope you can join us on this journey to make this more than just a niche hobby in small pockets of the world.


Heartful Diamonds is the best place for Diamond Art Addicts!