Moonlit Dance with the Dragon

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What's in the kit?

Our diamond painting kit comes fully equipped with all the tools and instructions you need.

  1. Soft printed canvas.
  2. HD color guide.
  3. Sealed bags with diamond beads.
  4. Stylus pen and bulk placers.
  5. Wax pieces.
  6. Diamond holding tray.
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The art piece captures a whimsical scene set against a backdrop of a large, glowing full moon. A colorful, stylized dragon with fiery red and orange scales, adorned with green and yellow accents, appears to be engaging in a playful interaction with a young girl. The girl, dressed in traditional attire with intricate patterns and rich colors such as red, black, and gold, holds a red lantern with a tassel, which complements the festive atmosphere. You'll surely have fun making this one.

This design has 35 Colours 

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