BLANK Diamond Painting Canvas - Square or Round

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Diamond painting is a truly worthwhile and rewarding hobby. If you plan to make it an ongoing part of your life, it is worth investing in some essential tools to make certain aspects of the activity more enjoyable

How do you know what to buy?

This is something that only comes with experience. After your first completed kit (or even after the first few hours!) you should slowly begin to understand how you work in relation to the different elements of the kit. Once you know your way around the canvas, your crafting spirit will naturally understand what you need.

A completely blank canvas for the true artist at heart. Please choose size and the type of diamond grid you would like (square or round).

We carry all 447 DMC colors! To order diamonds/drills for your self-made project, please click here.

For your information:

Diamond Blank Canvas

A small 20x25cm (8x10 in) picture would require approximately 8000 (approx 45 bags) square drills and 6300 (approx 36 bags) round drills.

Square formula: (L / 0.25) x (W / 0.25)

Round formula: (L / 0.28) x (W / 0.28)

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