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5d Diamond Painting

The craft of crystal diamond painting has gained a wave of fans worldwide in recent years. Even those who had never previously been interested in crafting are taking an interest in artworking 5D diamond paintings, and it’s easy to see why. Unlike other crafts, diamond painting doesn’t require intense skill – the 5D paint by diamond techniques are simple and straightforward, yet the resulting artwork is ever so incredibly impressive. Anyone of any age has the ability to paint by number with diamonds making this a universal craft that every member of the family can get involved with. All it takes is care and patience. Read More

5d Paint By Number With Diamonds - 5d Crystal Diamond Painting

As diamond painting hobbyists ourselves, we’ve made it our priority to ensure it is incredibly easy for fellow hobbyists worldwide to find and buy all the supplies online to pursue their craft. Whether you’re looking to create a one-off diamond painting as a kit, are keen to try out the craft as a new hobby or are already a firm diamond painting enthusiast, we can provide every kit, canvas, tool and accessory you need to create dazzling diamond artwork.

How to 5D Paint with Diamonds

With our kits, 5D diamond painting is simple. Our full drill kits are available in hundreds of different designs, and you even have the option to upload your own image and create a custom diamond painting. With the full drill kits, the entire image is brought to life by diamonds. You just follow the instructions to apply the diamonds to each area of the image based on the numbers assigned to the different areas of the image and the different diamond types supplied.

Our partial drill kits are a great way to start off with diamond painting. Only the core feature element of the image requires diamond application. The finished product sees the focal image standing out with dazzling diamonds complementing by the digital image background.

5D Crystal Diamond Painting – The Crafting Trend Taking The World By Storm

If you’re looking to step up your skills or create a luxurious diamond painting, try our premium painting kits. Here you will apply a mix of large and super shiny diamonds to a soft fabric canvas to create a stand out masterpiece.

If creating a full painting isn’t what you’re looking to achieve, why not consider our festive diamond painting cards? We offer a great selection of Christmas cards and Halloween decorations that you can easily bring to life and impress family and friends through some simple diamond application.

Your Essential 5D Diamond Painting Kits and Supplies

Our range of 5D diamond painting products extends far beyond our kits. You can pick up an extra standard toolkit containing two medium sized trays, a plastic tweezers, three hollow styluses with pick-up extensions and five wax pieces. If you’re stepping up your skills or buying for a true diamond painting hobbyist, pick up one of our premium tool kits contain a stainless steel tweezers, multi-pickup tool, extra-large tray, cushiony grip and two extra pieces of glue.

Our selection of supplies doesn’t stop there. From diamond storage boxes, bags and jars to replacement diamonds, diamond stylus pens to diamond painting frames and wall stickers, blank canvases and more, you can buy everything you need from our online store.

The One Stop Diamond Painting Shop

Servicing thousands of happy customers worldwide, Heartful Diamonds provides your one stop shop for all things diamond painting. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have any questions about our products or diamond painting in general, please feel free to get in touch with our team by dropping an e-mail to We’ll do our best to source the product you are looking for or answer your query.

Should You Choose Square or Round 5D Paint With Diamonds

If you are new to the whole 5D paint with diamonds activity, then it can seem to be a lot to get started with. We hope that you are more excited to get started than nervous though and luckily we are here to help you through the whole 5D crystal diamond painting procedure.

What is a drill?

In the wonderful world of paint by number with diamonds, a drill is just another way that we talk about the shape of the little diamonds or crystals that you will be sticking to your pre-designed canvas. If it confuses you a little too much, then simply replace the drill word with diamond and it might make more sense.

So when we are referring to square drills, we are talking about square diamonds and when we talk about round drills, we are simply referring to round diamonds.

When it comes to deciding whether you should use square or round drills on your canvas, it’s essential to keep in mind that no one answer is absolutely correct. What you choose, as with many other things, it comes down to personal preference and what you choose to use on your canvas should be what excites you the most.

Square drill in 5D paint by diamonds

When it comes to the square drills or diamonds, many people say that it creates a sharper, more complete painting. The fact of the matter is that the square edges of the drills can give it a more clean look than the round drill diamonds. The rows look more in sync and lined up and create a more realistic look when you look at the painting from a far away spot.

We’ve also heard that the square drill simply pop into their place a little more satisfactory, but once again this is simply down to personal preference and if you want to enjoy a little “snap” when you pop those last little diamonds in, then this is probably the one for you.

Round drills for 5D painting by numbers

So now we move onto the round drill or diamonds that some of our clients swear by. One of the best things that people seem to enjoy about this type of drill is simply that they are easier to pick up. For some reason or other, the rounded backs of these diamonds just seem to stick to the application tool a little easier and make the process of picking up the diamonds and putting them into the tiles a little easier.

Some people have complained that the round diamond does look a little less complete when they are done, that the gaps are a bit bigger and more noticeable and this could make your picture seem a little less sharp. However, this is perfect for the more whimsical, arty kind of pictures that aren’t meant to look super realistic anyway.

As we’ve already mentioned, when it comes to choosing between the square and round drills for paint by number with diamonds, it really is just down to what you prefer to use. Have a look at some of our amazing diamond painting kits, and we’d love to hear from you if you have any more questions.

Check out our range of 5d Diamond Paintings, as well as our DIY, personalized, full drill and even Christmas cards today!

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