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What's in the kit?

Our diamond painting kit comes fully equipped with all the tools and instructions you need.

  1. Soft printed canvas.
  2. HD color guide.
  3. Sealed bags with diamond beads.
  4. Stylus pen and bulk placers.
  5. Wax pieces.
  6. Diamond holding tray.
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  • Generous 90-day return policy.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Free Replacements for lost or spilled diamond beads.
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If you are looking for extra large diamond paintings and kits, Heartful Diamonds is here to help!

Choose a personalized XL diamond painting or any design from our super-skilled artists and create a larger than life diamond art.

  • 💖 Your happiness is our goal. We may reject low-quality photos (e.g. small size, faces too far away, a lot of shadows).

  • 👉 Please select the appropriate canvas size based on the dimensions of your image. Not sure how to decide? Or need a large custom size? Please (ask us here!)

  • 👉 Our expert graphics designers will improve your picture. We can do almost anything you need - whether that's removing backgrounds, watermarks or even entire objects.

  • 👉 There may be minor color differences in the finished result due to chromatic aberration. Our XL paintings will have more colors and more accurate color mapping.

  • ⚠️ We will only use the images you submit for your XL painting. Rest assured knowing that we will never share or sell your personal photos for any reason!

  • ⚠️ Due to increased demand, please allow up to 7 business days to process your one-of-a-king masterpiece. We're sorry about the wait but we pride ourselves on delivering a quality product!

If you are UNSURE about your picture or which size to choose, please send it through the Chat or email it to We will respond with a suggestion within 12 hours.

Get Extra Large Diamond Paintings That Customers Love and Trust

At Heartful Diamonds, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee of design quality on your personalized XXL painting.

And guess what? We have over 1000 5-star reviews on our store and Facebook. That's our difference!

Simply upload any image from your phone or computer choose your preferred size and diamond shape, and checkout as usual. It’s really as easy as that!

If you're visiting this product, that means you like 'em as large as humanly possible. We've got sizes all the way up to a gigantic 100x180cm (39x71"). Yep, that’s a massive diamond painting for when you really want to show off!

⭐ Free design previews before you buy (just ask!).

⭐ Free photo enhancements for best results.

⭐ All canvases full drill. Choose from a wide range of sizes.

Need a custom size that isn't listed? Ask us here!

How to Order Your Large Diamond Painting

Purchasing a huge diamond painting from Heartful Diamonds is quick and easy! Here’s how to get started.

Choose Your Picture Size and Diamond Shape

The first step is to select your desired picture size. Whether you’re looking for any of our popular sizes below or a huge 160x100 diamond painting, we can create your product. Once you've also selected your favorite diamond shape, hit that checkout button to confirm your purchase.

Send Us Your Image or Custom Design

Once you've completed your purchase, email us the image you’d like us to use for your painting. If you want to purchase the biggest diamond painting size, ensure your image or design is clear and high-quality for the best outcome.

Receive Your Large Custom Painting

After receiving your image, we will bring your masterpiece to life. While there is a 7-day wait before you get your painting, we are proud to say we go above and beyond to deliver the most beautiful creations!

Most Popular Picture Sizes

Not sure which picture size to choose for your extra large diamond painting kits? Here is a list of the most popular sizes customers choose.

More reasons to buy from Heartful Diamonds

All you need in one kit

Our diamond painting kits come with everything you need right out of the box. All the diamond beads, wax and tools are included with every purchase, along with easy to follow instructions.

Why Customers Choose Our Extra Large Diamond Paintings from Heartful Diamonds

Renowned Diamond Artists

Our team of graphic designers are renowned artists who work with diamonds to create one-of-a-kind art pieces. Choose a piece that is a reflection of your personality or gift it to a loved one!

Crystal Clear Colors

Choose us for high-quality products! We offer super clear symbols on premium poured glue canvases. Our diamond beads are genuine resin and will never lose their luster!

Number 1 For Customs

If you need a large custom kit designed, you want a brand you can trust. Your custom art is a labor of love unique to you; your memories deserve the best. Send Us Your Picture

Our XL Diamond Paintings Take Personalization to the Next Level

At Heartful Diamonds, we are all about maximum customization for your diamond painting in large print.

- We have a collection of various sizes, allowing you to choose what suits you best.
- Our team can create the biggest diamond painting size, or stick to traditional options like a 160x100 diamond painting.
- Simply specify your desired XL dimensions and aspect ratio, and our skilled artisans will craft your huge diamond painting!
- We offer various shapes, including rectangular or square diamond paintings in big size.
- In addition to a combination of square diamonds and round diamonds, our XL diamond art kits boast premium resin beads, ensuring vibrant colors and strong adhesion.
- Whether it's a portrait, landscape, or complex artwork, our team skillfully translates every nuance of your image onto a diamond painting large size.
- You can submit your own artwork, a digital painting, or a graphic illustration, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Make Extra Large Diamond Painting Kits Your Next Hobby

Creating large diamond paintings is a fantastic hobby to do yourself or enjoy with your friends and family. You can create fun artwork using diamonds to start your own diamond art club, or simply make gorgeous illustrations to hang on your wall.  

While creating your own giant diamond painting will require attention to detail, this can also help you reoccupy your thoughts, calm your mind, and enhance your focus.  

You can start with a single kit, and then move on to making larger and larger diamond paintings as you progress.

Where to Place Your Large Diamond Painting

Finding the perfect place to display a giant diamond painting can be tricky!

Before placing your diamond painting with large diamonds choose a frame that complements the style and colors of your artwork. Now, opt for a prominent area in your home to boast your artwork.

Also, align the design with the overall decor theme. For example, if your space has a nature-inspired theme, select a diamond painting featuring landscapes, flowers, or animals.

For a dynamic visual impact, group multiple diamond paintings together on a gallery wall. Mixing different sizes and orientations creates an artful display.

By thoughtfully considering these placement ideas and integrating your diamond painting into your home decor, you can add an authentic style to your living space.

Taking Care of Your Huge Diamond Painting

Preserving your XL diamond painting kit is crucial for ensuring the longevity of your materials and the vibrancy of your artwork. Here are some tips on how to take care of your products:

- Store your kit in a safe, dry place, away from direct sunlight and humidity, which can cause fading and damage to the adhesive.
- Use sealable containers or plastic bags to organize and store diamond beads by color, preventing mixing and confusion.
- Always handle the canvas with care, avoiding bends and creases.
- When transporting, roll the canvas gently with the diamond side facing outwards and store it in a sturdy tube.
- Keep your diamond painting tools, including the applicator pen and wax, in a designated box or pouch to prevent loss or damage.
- During the creative process, cover completed sections with a clean cloth or parchment paper to protect them from dust and spills.
- Before working on your diamond painting kit, clear your workspace of clutter to avoid knocking over bead containers or damaging the canvas. Always handle beads and canvas with clean, dry hands to maintain proper adhesion.
- Frame your completed artwork under protective glass to shield it from dust and physical harm.

By following these practices, you can preserve your diamond painting products effectively, ensuring a seamless crafting experience and the lasting beauty of your creations.


What is the biggest diamond painting size I can order?

If you’re looking for the largest diamond painting, the 100x180cm (about 40x71 inches) size may be the best option for you. This is the biggest size we have in stock for this product.

What is the largest size diamond painting that anyone has ever ordered?

The largest diamond painting anyone has ever ordered is our 100x180 size. This is the best option if you want a massive diamond painting that will do double time as a mural on your wall. To get the most from this product, ensure the image you send us is high-quality and you have a suitable (large) enough workspace to complete the canvas!

What sizes are available for our XXL paintings?

We offer sizes that vary from 60x60cm up to 100x180cm. There are three different aspect ratios you can select, which include 1:1, 4:3, and 16:9. These are the same as the square shape, portrait and widescreen or cinematic camera settings on your phone. Simply let us know which size you prefer for your painting, and we will help you!

What is the best size for a massive diamond painting?

There isn’t a “best size” that will satisfy all types of customers wanting super big paintings. The best option is to check out our most popular image sizes or contact us directly to help you make the best choice.

How much does an XXL painting cost?

We ensure our prices are affordable to accommodate all your customers. To find out how much your painting will cost, take a look at its price by selecting your desired parameters and picture shape.

How big is a 30x40 diamond painting?

A 30x40 size painting is very popular but also quite a small size, and is far from being considered extra large. This size is similar to the size of canvases used in art classes. It’s not too big nor too small, allowing individuals to make smaller yet nice-looking pictures.

How many diamonds are in a 30x40 diamond painting?

The number of diamonds in a 30x40 diamond painting depends on the image you chose and the shape of your artwork and diamonds. It’s best to choose your desired preferences before we can determine how many diamonds are required to create your masterpiece.

What is the usual processing and delivery time?

Heartful Diamonds does a wonderful job at processing and shipping orders swiftly, typically within 7-9 business days. The actual delivery time of your product may vary based on your geographical location but on average this should be between 8-18 days.