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Personalized Diamond Painting

Even though we stock literally thousands of diamond art kits here at Heartful Diamonds, we understand that sometimes you want to create something that’s completely unique. That’s why we make it possible for you to order a personalized diamond painting kit that’s been produced using your own special photo or image. Read More

Personalized Cross Stitch Diamond Painting

Whether you want to ‘paint’ a picture of your family or your favorite pet or perhaps an image you found online, we can transform it into a stunning personalized canvas that you’ll love. And you can rest assured that all our personalized cross stitch diamond painting kits come with the same 100% satisfaction guarantee and are put together using the same high-quality materials as our pre-designed kits.

A Unique Way to Capture Your Favorite Images

Using diamond art is a unique and beautiful way to capture your favorite images on canvas. Just like our pre-designed kits, our customized diamond art comes with a high-quality canvas with your chosen image, enough ‘diamond cut’ resin rhinestones to complete the artwork and the glue and gluing pen needed to transfer the diamonds onto the canvas.

Personalized Cross Stitch Diamond Painting Kits from Heartful Diamonds

If you’ve never tried diamond painting before, you’ll find that it’s a relaxing and yet absorbing activity. It takes a little skill to master the application of the rhinestones although it’s a technique that’s easily picked up. There’s no need to finish the whole project in one sitting; you can simply pick up where you left off, making it the perfect craft for busy people who only have an hour or two to relax and unwind.

What’s more, it needn’t be a solitary activity as more than one person can work on the canvas – so you really can make the ‘painting’ of your family portrait a family affair.

Everything You Need to Create Personalized Cross Stitch Diamond Art

You’ll find everything you need in your custom diamond art kit, including:

  • A quality canvas digitally printed with your uploaded image
  • Sufficient top-quality rhinestones to cover your painting
  • A standard glue pad and handy pen to make application easy
  • A full color-coded guide to help keep you on track

All you have to do is follow the guide and apply the diamonds to the canvas to create your own glittering version of your special photo.

And if you’re not completely happy with the kit, we’ll refund or replace it – how’s that for confidence in our products?

Why Buy a Personalized Diamond Art Kit from Heartful Diamonds?

  1. Search the internet, and you’ll find many companies offering diamond art, so why should you choose us?
  2. Our team is passionate about creating the very best diamond art kits out there, and over the last four years we’ve perfected our products.

We only ever use the highest quality materials in our kits, and we’re meticulous about ensuring that we provide the correct number of rhinestones to ensure your finished painting gleams and glitters. We also offer a choice of rounded or square rhinestones on most of our kits, together with partial and full drill options.

Added to this, we deliver the very best in customer service. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, 24/7 email support and a packaging and delivery service that’s second to none. We want you to receive your kit in perfect condition, and we want you to enjoy creating your beautiful painting. 

Create, Love and Share your Finished Artwork

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for news on our latest designs and don’t forget to share your completed paintings with us to inspire other diamond art lovers.

Choosing the Best Photo for YourPersonalised 5d Diamond Painting

By now you probably know that you can create some colourful, amazing art pieces using diamond painting, but one of our absolute favourite things about this activity it that it can be made very personal.

Once you have practised with a couple of designs, why don’t you take it to the next level and get your favourite photo turned into a canvas that you can bedazzle with diamonds into your own sparkling portrait for home!

You can’t just choose any photo however, and there are some things that you should look out for before rushing into choosing the picture of your computer desktop without looking into whether it is the most suitable picture for you to do.

Here are three things to keep an eye out for when you are looking to turn a photo in a personalised diamond painting:

  • Choose big, high-quality pictures
  • Look closely at the colour and shading of the photo
  • Pick the right canvas for your picture

Why only large, high-quality photos?

Before you submit a photo to be made into a canvas for diamond painting, you have to make sure that the picture is large, as in not big but a large file size; of high-quality and has been taken in a brightish light.

When we say a large photo, we mean that it must have a high pixel count, as the higher the pixel count, the better the photo will be for diamond painting. This means that we will be able to zoom into your picture and the final diamond painting will look exactly like the original. A good way to determine whether the photo is the right size is zooming into the photo closely if it comes up in hundreds of little blocks and looks really blurry then it’s not going to be a good fit for diamond painting.

When it comes to quality and light, you need to ensure that your photo is as sharp and clear as possible. If the photo is blurry in some places then that is how they are going to come out in the final product, so make sure you choose only the best.

Why must I focus on the colour and shading of the photo?

One of the most common complaints that come with turning a photo into a personalised diamond painting is that the white comes out as a different colour of hue than it is compared to the original. The same goes for the black part of many photos; in the painting, they can come out with brown or green diamonds that throws the whole end product off.

The thing is, when we create a diamond painting design from a photo, it’s magnified about 1000x and this means if there is a slight red hue on the white part it’s going to be a lot redder in the painting that the original. The same goes for the problem with black, often shadows contain slight brown or blue hues, that are hugely magnified when it’s printed out as a design for your painting. Don’t stress too much, if you are concerned, let us know and our Photoshop experts can colour correct them.

What about the canvas?

There are a number of factors such as landscape vs portrait and the size of the canvas to consider. Remember the bigger the canvas, the more magnified the photo - so make sure the big canvases are reserved for super sharp, high-quality images. Chat with us if you aren’t sure which canvas to choose for your photo.

These are just a few things to consider before getting your photo turned into an amazing personalised 5D diamond painting, contact us if you would like to know more about it.

Check out our range of 5d Diamond Paintings, as well as our DIY, personalized, full drill and even Christmas cards today!

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