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How to Use Diamond Painting Tools

By Juan Carlo Lozano February 09, 2020

If you’re a beginner in DIY diamond painting, then you might ask how to properly use every tool in your diamond painting kit order.

There are also other special diamond painting tools that will not be included in a basic DIY diamond painting kit order such as an LED light pad or a stylus pick-up tool that lights up.In this article, we will discuss basic and special diamond painting tools, how to use them and pro tips on having a good diamond painting experience.

We will update this article for new diamond painting tools and inventions.

Now, if you're wondering where you can get any of these diamond painting tools, accessories and more, visit this page: Diamond Painting Tools and Accessories

Diamond Painting Drills or Beads

These are what makes up of your diamond painting design. These are made of shiny hard resin shaped into diamonds. Diamond painting drills made from resin is the highest quality alternative.

Important reminder: Be careful of ordering diamond drills made from acrylic or just plastic. These have less sparkle or shine to non at all.

They should be included in your diamond painting kit order in clear plastic packets. You can also buy them separately if you need more.

square diamond painting drills
circle diamond painting drills
diamond painting drills

Shapes of Diamond Painting Drills


Gives a more complete-finish look, no gaps, satisfying when snapped in place. A diamond painting design with a lot of details like in photo should opt for square diamond drills.

That's why square diamonds are more suitable for a custom diamond painting order, especially if it's a photo.

Square drills leave no gaps and therefore, give a complete look to clearly form details of the design or picture.

A lot of people say that the snapping in place of square diamond drills into gaps gives them a relaxing or satisfying feeling like popping bubble wraps or pushing snap buttons.

Reminder: Be careful of ordering online and from stores, you might be buying low-quality diamond painting drills that do not shine well or easily lose its shine in a short time.

square diamond painting drills
owl diamond painting with square drills
sparkly diamond painting


Easier and faster to put in, diamond paintings that use round diamond drills will have an “old comics dot matrix” look.

That's why most people choose round diamond drills for vintage designs.



Check out this awesome looking festive owl design.

Notice there are special shaped diamond drills and jewels. Round diamond drills are more commonly used in jewel encrusted designs.

Round diamond drills are more found on the whimsical and cute designs. Special diamond painting kits will likely use round diamonds only. It just looks rightly more playful.

This charming Sleepy Rainbow Unicorn is a special diamond painting kit with LED marquee lights only has rounds diamonds.


circle diamond painting drills
owl diamond painting with round drills and jewel encrustation
unicorn diamond painting with LED lights

FREE Diamond Painting Drills

If you spill or lose some diamond painting drills/beads, a considerate diamond painting website store will be happy to replace lost diamond painting drills as a courtesy.

Be sure to check the terms of sale before making your purchase to see if you're covered. All kits sold by us at fully insure you for lost or missing drills.

free diamond painting drills

Order Square or Round Diamond Painting Replacement Drills

You can order extra diamond painting drills if you really lost a lot of drills.

You need to specify your diamond drill order by the shape of square or round then color number. Click here to see the Heartful Diamonds DMC color chart for the diamond drills.

You can order per packets or wholesale.

Order here: Diamond Painting Replacement Drills

diamond drill DMC chart
diamond drill DMC chart 2

Diamond Painting Drill Tray

This is where you pour your diamond painting drills for picking up. It has little canals or ridges to line up diamond painting drills in for easy pickup.
Special tools like bead trays

This is included in the Standard Diamond Painting Replacement Tool Set


These bead trays also have a funnel with a small opening with a gate at the funneling end. This makes convenient pouring of the beads into whatever storage vessel you have for your drills, especially if it has a small opening.

diamond painting drill tray

Large Bead Tray

Imagine you’re working through a portion of your diamond painting where there are a lot of parts that need different colors and you don’t want to leave any gaps as you go along.


Order here: Diamond Painting Large Drill Trays


An extra-large bead tray for each diamond painting drill color or type would be very useful for easy access to the drills to be picked up.



large diamond painting drill tray

Pick Up Tools for Diamond Drills

Hollow Tip Stylus

These are specifically made to pick up the diamond drills (there are available hollow tip styluses that have round or square hollow tip shape).

This is included in the Standard Diamond Painting Replacement Tool Set

Together with a glue stick, It is used as a tool to pick up the diamond painting drills to be put into the canvas. The standard tool can only pick up one drill/bead at a time.


Cushiony Purple Grip

Everyone needs this to be more comfortable if you spend a lot of time placing diamond drills on a large design, especially if you have issues with using your fingers on long periods or have arthritis.

You can also avoid having calluses if you’re a hardcore diamond painting hobbyist.

pick up tool for diamond painting drills with multi-pickup extension
cushiony purple grip

Multi-pickup Stylus

Also included in the standard tool set, as the name says, you can pick up multiple diamond drills at the same time and place them to the canvas. With a little practice, you can use this tool effectively to quickly finish fairly large portions that only need diamond drills of the same type or color.


Good to know: You can order a standard or premium diamond painting tool set that has 3 hollow tip stylus in the Standard Additional Tools Set and Premium Tool Set with a pick up tool stylus with cushiony purple grip and multi-pickup extension.

Order yours here: Premium Diamond Painting Tool Set 



multi-pickup headed stylus
premium diamond painting tool set

Textile Canvas with design 

This comes with your standard DIY diamond painting kit order, a very sticky textile canvas with the chosen photo or design with its pattern guide where to put the colored diamond painting drills on.

On the side, there will be a guide for which colored diamond painting drill will go to. Your diamond painting drill packets will be labeled with a code.

At the top-right or left side of your canvas, your diamond painting drill code will be matched with a color and symbol that will serve as a guide to which drills or beads go to which part of the design.

Pro tip: Get a diamond painting drill/bead and paste it on the guide. This way you will avoid confusion when you decide to start or switch on another drill color within the canvas area you’re working on.


Diamond Painting Correction Tool

This comes in different shapes and sizes. The one thing that’s constant in their shape that they will all have a straight side used for aligning diamond painting drills on the canvas.

It will have some curves and corners to be used for different or odd-shaped sides on the diamond painting design.


Slim LED Light Pad for Diamond Painting

Diamond painting hobbyist says this is a must-have for diamond painting lovers. It’s better than just getting a lamp any light to see your canvas more clearly.

An LED light pad illuminates the canvas from the back, giving you a nice visual of the guide patterns where you will be putting your diamond drills.

This is tool is perfect for the ones who do their diamond painting at night or in dark rooms.

Order yours here: Diamond Painting Light Pad

It’s also quite light to carry (approximately 423g) and rechargeable, so you can carry it around and use it anywhere.

Charging: It uses USB input voltage: DC 5V with adapter input voltage: 100V~240V.

How to use the diamond painting light pad

Just simply clip your canvas onto the light pad (the light pad has a clip) and set your preferred brightness setting- you’re good to go.

diamond painting canvas with a dog design
diamond painting drill code will be matched with a color and symbol that will serve as a guide
diamond painting correction tool
diamond painting light pad
diamond painting light pad with canvas

Blank Diamond Painting Canvas

So you’re thinking, why would you like to buy an extra blank diamond painting canvas?

Buying a blank diamond painting canvas, you can duplicate a diamond painting canvas that has a design.

Order here: Blank Diamond Painting Canvas

You can have a lot of fun having a blank canvas. You can do your own diamond painting like an artist painter starting with a blank canvas with a palette of painting color. But, instead of a brush, you get a stylus pick-up tool. Instead of a palette of painting colors, you have diamond painting drills of different colors.

Pro Tip: Buy an extra blank diamond painting canvas and have fun duplicating a DIY diamond painting kit.

Invite a friend or bond with your kids in duplicating a diamond painting design you both love for the price of a blank diamond painting canvas and with a little bit of labor of love.



Glue stick

These are specially made with just the right amount of stickiness to be used with your stylus for its tip to be sticky enough to pick up a diamond drill.

This is included in the Standard Diamond Painting Replacement Tool Set


How to use your diamond painting stylus and glue stick

Simply get your stylus, stick the tip into your glue stick to make the hollow tip of your stylus sticky enough to pick up a diamond painting drill. That’s all there is to it.

Diamond Painting Roller Applicator

This looks similar to a paint roller and has the same function as a roller pin. This is used to gently roll over finished parts or the whole completed diamond painting design for the drills to be pressed down and stick firmly onto the canvas. You can buy a roller applicator specifically made for diamond painting.

Pro tip: you can use any clean rollers but if you use a kitchen roller pin, you need to use something soft (like a t-shirt) to cover your diamond painting and avoid scratches, damage or dirt.

blank diamond painting canvas
working on a diamond painting canvas
diamond painting being enjoyed by kids
diamond painting glue stick
diamond painting glue stick with stylus dipping into it
painting roller to be used on a diamond painting

Diamond Drill Separator

Sometimes diamond drills slightly stick together, especially used ones that somehow fall off the adhesive canvas or your stylus (which is rubbed on a glue stick) which will make them sticky and sticks together with other drills when stored together. This is when you need this tool.

Order here: Diamond Painting Drill Separator

How to use the Diamond Painting Drills Separator:

Step 1) Open the separator and pour the clumped up diamond painting drills in the tray portion of the grinder and shake into the grooves or thorn separators, do not overfill put in an amount where it still has spaces to move around to.

Step 2) Put on the lid and close the separator.

Step 3) Gently twist the separator until the drills are separated.

diamond painting drill separator
how to use a diamond painting drill separator

Diamond Painting Sealer

Would you like your finished diamond paintings to last a very long time and keep its shine and sparkle?

Use a brush-on sealer on your diamond painting and lock all of the diamonds in place and significantly increase the longevity of your diamond paintings. There's also a spray-on sealer that can also give some protection.

How to do diamond painting sealing:

Make sure that all diamond painting drills are in place by gently using a roller applicator or anything that does the job properly (just make sure you use a cloth or t-shirt to protect the drills before rolling on).

Using a brush applicator, dip the tip into the brush-on sealer and carefully do broad strokes and apply all over the drill covered canvas.

Apply enough but avoid getting globs or spots where it’s just too thick.

Avoid applying too much, just enough to fill out gaps.

Be careful and do this in a room where nothing can disturb your canvas.

Use a shiny finish sealer if you want your diamond painting to have extra shine, matte finish if you want the shininess to tone down and pearlized to give your diamond painting a special shine to it, like a pearl.

sparkly spirit wolf diamond painting
how to seal a diamond painting with mod podge
use a diamond painting sealer with a small broad sealer applicator brush

Special Diamond Painting Drills Storage Jars

These are specially made to neatly store your diamond painting drills. These come in all shapes and sizes. Some can be of premium quality made and then some are made out of plastic. Some even look like they’re repurposed tic tac little plastic boxes.

Order here: Diamond Painting Drills Storage Jars

There may be a lot more diamond painting tools out there that are not in this article. We will update this often as soon as new effective diamond painting tools are discovered.

Frames Specialized for Diamond Paintings

You can order this from a diamond painting online store if they have it in stock. It has 10 iron clasps on the backboard to secure the canvas and has a soft glass for cover.

Order here: Special Frame for Diamond Painting

You can save yourself the trouble of getting the wrong frame for a diamond painting, order a specialized frame that you can use to easily frame precious diamond paintings and keep them safer.


How to Assemble the Frame Specialized for Diamond Paintings

Simply clamp your diamond painting onto the backboard with clasps and assemble the sides of the frame, place the soft glass into the assembled frame.

Place backboard with the clasped diamond painting on into the assembled frame with glass,and you're done.

frames specialized for diamond paintings
how to assemble a frame specialized for diamond painting

Diamond Painting Canvas Stretchers

This type is like the one that you see being used by artist painters. It’s made of quality wood and uses 4 “U” shaped nails to secure the sides. It uses strong adhesive tapes all around the side of the frame to stretch out the canvas.

Order here: Diamond Painting Canvas Stretchers


How to use the diamond painting canvas stretcher :

Step 1) Put the diamond painting on top of a flat surface with the back facing up.


Step 2) Place the frames on top of the diamond painting’s sides with the double-adhesive tapes facing the painting properly aligned on all sides



Step 3) Secure each side with tape to temporarily hold its position.


Step 4) Remove the double adhesive tape one by one on the frames and gently press the frames down to the canvas.

Insert the "U" nail on the corners of the frame to secure it further.

Step 5) As another support for the frame. Insert the backboards between all corners of the frame until it is snuggly fit.

diamond painting canvas stretchers
diamond painting canvas stretcher parts
Step one in assembling a diamond painting canvas stretcher
Step two in assembling a diamond painting canvas stretcher
Step three in assembling a diamond painting canvas stretcher
Step four in assembling a diamond painting canvas stretcher
Step five in assembling a diamond painting canvas stretcher

special diamond painting drills storage jars

For more diamond painting tools, accessories and more, visit this page Diamond Painting Tools and Accessories

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