How to Seal a Diamond Painting

How to Seal a Diamond Painting

Oh no! You’re diamond drills are popping up on your finished diamond painting! Your diamond painting is slowly falling apart.

Sealing a Diamond Painting

Now you’re worried about how long will your diamond painting stand the test of time as the years go on? You're concerned about how long your diamond beads stay intact in its place or how long will its sparkle last.

Seal your diamond painting!

Sealing your diamond painting is just a great idea to make sure you preserve your treasured diamond paintings for a long time. It may even be passed down from one generation to the next.

In this diamond painting article, learn how to seal a diamond painting and get some tips and advice on which products are the best to use. We will discuss the effectiveness of different kinds of sealers and their benefits and disadvantages.

Different Kinds of Products for Sealing a Diamond Painting

Paint-on or brush-on sealer

Just like varnish, brushed-on sealers gives more protection to your precious diamond paintings. It gives a good top layer that fills the tiny gaps in between the diamond beads/drills keeping them in place over time. It’s available in different kinds of finishes and consistency.

Good to know: Brushed-on sealers are great for wrap-around canvas frames. As you know, wrap-around frames don't have any protective cover like a glass covered frame. So a varnish like sealer works great.

Apply it after you finish securing your diamond painting on a wrap-around frame.


1) Acts as a glue that fills the tiny gaps between diamonds and firmly keeps the diamonds in place for years to come.

2) Waterproofing

3) Dust and dirt resistant
4) Makes your diamond painting easy to clean
5) Makes your diamond painting sturdy and durable


The most noticeable disadvantage is that your diamond painting will become stiff and you will not be able to bend it or roll it up anymore. Brush-on sealers will also take about overnight for it to dry and harden.

How to Seal Diamond Painting with a Brush-On Sealer

Step 1) Decide whether you want your finished diamond painting to be placed on a wrap-around frame. If you use a wrap-around frame, it should be the permanent frame for it.

If you decide on a glass covered frame, it will be best to keep it in one for good as the whole diamond painting will be stiff and you won’t be able to bend it again.

Step 2) Make sure that your diamond painting doesn’t have any dust or tiny dirt on it. Use a soft paint brush to clean it.

Step 3) Using a tape, stick the edges of your diamond painting on to a flat surface. This makes it easy for you to evenly apply the brush-on sealer all throughout your diamond painting.

Step 4) Make sure your diamond beads/drills are all in place and intact. Check if there are some drills that are popping up or have uneven surfaces.

Use a soft cloth to cover the diamond painting first if you’re going to use a kitchen rolling pin or use a silicon-covered art craft roller instead to push down and secure the drills on the canvas.

It’s very important to fatten down drills and have it secured on the canvas before applying the brush-on sealer. Remember there will be no do overs once you applied the sealer.

Step 5) Dip your craft brush into the brush-on sealer container. Make sure to just get the right amount and avoid drips (the brush-on sealer is very sticky and you don’t want anywhere else)

Step 6) Start applying the sealer broadley on your finished diamond painting. Make sure to apply it evenly throughout the surface. Apply a good amount all over and fill in the tiny gaps in between diamonds.

Check for uneven applications and brush them down. Go back and forth in each direction to avoid getting lumps or globs.

Commonly, brush-on sealers will look whitish at first like a white glue, it will become transparent as it dries like a clear varnish.

Step 7) It may take a while for it to dry and harden, so safely put it away somewhere safe. Where there won’t be anything that may fall into it while wet and permanently sticks and ruin a smooth finish. Try a big closet or under your bed, just make sure it’s dust-free.

Spray sealers

It comes in an aerosol spray can. The extent of protection that you only get from spray sealers is just on the diamonds, it’s not really meant for keeping your diamonds secured.

Spray sealers also come in different finishes from extra shiny, plain or matte and pearl shine finish.

It does not fill the tiny gaps in between diamonds and does not give a top layer to keep the diamonds stay intact together and into the canvas.

Diamond painting hobbyists who use spray-on sealers usually tend to put their finished diamond paintings on a glass frame for display and protection.

Reminder: Make sure to only use non-toxic crafts and hobby spray sealer.


1) Preserves your diamonds’ sparkle as time goes on.

2) Waterproofs and protects your diamond painting from stains.

3) Prevents the discoloration of your diamonds.

4) Easy to apply and dries quickly.

5) Your finished diamond painting will still bendable and it can still be rolled up (although this can be a disadvantage as bending your diamond painting overtime may cause the diamonds to pop out).


1) It does not secure the diamond beads or drills into the canvas.

How to use a spray sealer for diamond painting

Step 1) Using a tape, stick the edges of your diamond painting on to a flat surface.

Step 2) Make sure your diamond beads/drills are all in place and intact. Make sure that the drills’ surface are even. If you’re using a kitchen rolling pin, cover your diamond painting first with a soft cloth to avoid scratching or damage or use a soft plastic or silicon-covered crafts roller instead to push down and secure the drills on the canvas.

Step 3) Make sure your diamond painting has no dust or tiny dirt on it. You can use a soft paint brush to clean off little dirt.

Step 4) Next, just spray it evenly on your diamond painting evenly and let it dry. It’s simple and easy to apply.

Let it sit for about an hour for it to dry and you’re done.

Put the Final Efforts In So That Everyone Will Enjoy Your Diamond Paintings For a Very Long Time

It’s definitely worth the time and effort to seal your cherished diamond paintings.

A properly sealed diamond painting can last forever and can be a family’s heirloom passed down to generations.