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Custom Diamond Art is the Perfect Christmas Gift!

custom diamond painting preview

STOP Whatever You're Doing - Time's Running Out!

Hey there, future Christmas legend! I'm talking to YOU. Forget the tired scarves, perfumes, and “World's Best Dad” mugs. Listen up, because I’m about to drop a bombshell on your ho-hum Christmas plans. I'm talking about the custom diamond paintings from Heartful Diamonds—the perfect DIY gift that is so jaw-droppingly incredible, it'll make your Christmas tree look like a coat rack. But there’s a catch: you've gotta get movin', or you'll miss the sleigh!

Time Waits for No One, Especially Santa!

Let’s get one thing straight: Christmas will be here faster than a snowball fight in a blizzard. You think you’ve got time? Think again! The Heartful Diamonds team are artists, not magicians. They need time to craft your masterpiece, and trust me, this isn't an overnight gig. So, order your Christmas diamond piece today!

Why Custom Diamond Paintings are the Rockstars of Gifts

Look, you could go buy a mass-produced doodad and call it a gift. But let me tell you, that's like serving canned soup at a 5-star dinner party. A Heartful Diamonds custom diamond painting isn't just another trinket; it's a VIP concert, and your loved one is front row, baby! Imagine how excited your friends and family will be when they unwrap a glimmering rendition of their favorite photo or memory. That’s not just a win; that’s a standing ovation!

What's the Secret Sauce?

Oh, you bet there’s a secret sauce. While the "other guys" rely on computers to churn out their designs, the Heartful Diamonds team is handcrafting every single piece like a Michelin-star chef. They’re the pitmasters of the diamond painting world, smoking every design low and slow until it’s bursting with flavor and depth. We’re talking next-level craftsmanship, folks!

Tis the Season to be Legendary

Listen, you have a choice to make. Be like everyone else and wrap a Costco gift card, or step into the spotlight and make this Christmas one for the ages. But act fast, because quality takes time, and even Santa’s elves can’t rush a masterpiece. So, make sure that you get your hands on your custom diamond painting kit as soon as possible!


Christmas village diamond painting

Your Fast Pass to Christmas Glory Awaits Right Here!

Hey, you're already halfway to stardom! You're on the Heartful Diamonds custom product page, which means you're just a click away from becoming the Christmas MVP. Forget scrolling; it’s time to take action.

To turn your most precious photo memory to diamond painting, you only need to follow a few simple steps, and all that's left is to wait for the delivery day! So, let’s not waste any more time!

To seal the deal, simply hit that 'UPLOAD PICTURE' button to bring your custom masterpiece to life. Yep, it's that easy. You're not just checking off a box on your holiday shopping list; you’re writing your name in the Christmas history books.

Your ticket to unforgettable holiday magic is right here. Clock's ticking, and even our handcrafting wizards need time to create your masterpiece. Make the move now, and prepare for the standing ovation come Christmas morning!

5 star custom diamond paintings

Loved By Customers

Heartful Diamonds is the #1 trusted brand for custom kits to create diamond art. We've got 1500+ five star reviews from over 60,000 happy customers.

premium custom diamond paintings

A Cut Above the Rest

Each one of our custom kits is hand made using the highest quality materials. From our patented feather-soft canvases to our eco-friendly resin diamonds that will never lose their sparkle!

lifetime warranty on custom diamond paintings

New Lifetime Warranty

We're here to give you complete peace of mind. So don't worry! We will replace missing drills and take care of product defects for the lifetime of your purchase.

Customer Diamond Picture Showcase

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How to order your Personalized Diamond Art

Follow our simple 3-step process

how to make a custom step 1 picture upload

Step 1:

Find the picture you want to make into a personalized design.

Tap that "Upload Picture" button to open your picture files. Find the image you want from your current device's storage or camera roll.

You'll be able to crop and adjust the image in the canvas preview to make sure it's perfect.

how to make a custom step 2 choose size and shape

Step 2:

Choose picture size and preferred diamond shape.

We'll recommend some canvas sizes for you based on the size of your picture. Larger sizes means more detail and colors!

Then you'll choose one of Square or Round diamonds. If it's your first time, Round is much more beginner-friendly!

Heartful customs finished and framed diamond painting

Step 3:

We will turn your memories into art!

Once the order is placed, our design team gets to work. We work closely with you to make sure your picture is suitable for print.

After we've printed and packaged your order, all you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for it to arrive at your door!

What's in a custom diamond painting kit?

custom diamond apinting kit tools set

1 x Packaging Box

1 x Drill Tray

1 x Applicator Pen

2 x Bulk placers

2 x Heart wax

1 x Sheet guide

1 x Complete pack of diamond drills

Every diamond painting kit comes with everything you need to create a complete masterpiece!

You're ready to start right out of the box - no extra purchases necessary!

First time? We've got you covered.

Our guide sheet contains all the instructions you need to help you along your way. For a complete and detailed beginner's video, check out the link below!

Complete beginner's guide with video.

How to Get The Perfect Custom Diamond Experience

All you have to do is upload your photo and we will take care of the rest but it helps if you follow these simple guidelines.

How to choose the best photo?

How to choose a custom picture clear photo

Use a photo that is clear (not blurry)

Diamond paintings have a mosaic effect since each color “point” can make up a big section of the original photo. An already blurry photo or image may end up even blurrier.

How to choose a custom picture correct lighting

Avoid direct sunlight or heavy shadows

The range of colors available for diamond drills are much fewer compared to digital pictures. Very bright sunshine or large shadows may come out looking unnatural.

How to choose a custom picture close not far

Choose close-up shots over far away shots

Fine details for faces of people or pets cannot be made true-to-life due to the nature of diamond painting drills needing to take up more space per “pixel” in a digital photo.

What's the Best Size?

For the best detail, we recommend the largest possible size you can afford and are willing to put the time in to complete.

Especially if you choose a photo that contains people or pets! The more people or pets your picture has, the larger the recommended size.

Many of our customers like nice detail especially when it comes to loved ones or pets. You want to be able to recognize them in your finished art!

Please see the infographic for a very rough guide on choosing the best minimum size based on the amount of people in your picture.

custom diamond art size guide tab

Which Shape to Choose?

custom diamond painting square drills

Choose square diamonds if:

✅ You have a steady hand and are experienced with other handicrafts.
✅ You might be unhappy with tiny gaps in your finished picture in between beads.
✅ You are an experienced diamond painter and enjoy the “clicking” sensation from square drills.

Choose round diamonds if:

✅ You would rather not mess around much with perfect placement.
✅ You don't mind tiny gaps in the picture, whcih are barely visible from a distance.
✅ You’ve just got into this hobby and want to see a completed picture in the quickest time.

custom diamond painting round drills

Need a more customized canvas size for your art?

Order the biggest canvas sizes!

If you need your custom diamond picture to be larger than life, to really squeeze out the absolute maximum details (or if you just have a lot of space on your wall) – we’ve got what you need.

Simply hit the button below to be taken to our special product page!

Custom sizes!

If you have a very specific size requirement – maybe you purchased a frame in advance or have a very tight space in the house to hang your art, request a custom-made canvas from us. No extra charge.

Know the size you need? Hit the button below to request a custom size.

The Heartful Diamonds Difference

Heartful custom free enhancements icon

Free photo enhancements

Brighter colors, more sparkles!

What we do:

⭐ Brighten shadows and dark spots
⭐ Remove backgrounds, objects and people
⭐ Sharpen details and increase color vibrancy

What we can not do:

⛔ Walk your dog or do your grocery shopping.

Heartful custom free previews icon

Free previews on any order

All you have to do is ask!

Need more assurance before you place your first order?

We know how disappointing it is to wait a few weeks to finally get your highly anticipated custom kit, only to find something didn’t turn out right.

Simply shoot us a message and we’ll send you a free chart preview!

Message us here.

Heartful custom 5 star guarantee of quality icon

5 Star quality guarantee

Lifetime warranty on all kits

Our kits come with a lifetime warranty, prioritizing top-quality over the lowest price. We ensure no more broken drills or blurry symbols with our industry-leading, eco-friendly resin drills.

Our products feature high-quality Japanese printers and durable poured glue canvases. Enjoy worry-free artwork with our personalized diamond painting kits, perfect for your creative endeavors or as a DIY gift!

Heartful custom better designs icon

Simply better designs

Love it or your money back

Heartful Diamonds offers a satisfaction guarantee or your money back, standing as a top provider of custom paintings made from diamonds globally. Our thousands of five-star reviews attest to our esteemed reputation.

We take pride in being possibly the best source for unique diamond paintings. We ensure satisfaction with a unique promise: 100% money back if you're not happy with your painting's outcome, backed by our exclusive hand-charted designs.

How are our diamond paintings being made?

At Heartful Diamonds, our artists use hand-charting to make each custom diamond painting truly special.

Picture it like a fireworks show where each firework is precisely timed and placed for a jaw-dropping display. That’s what our artists do with your pictures—they adjust every tiny detail so the end result is a canvas that explodes with color and life.

Other companies just can't match that kind of show-stopping detail. Still not convinced? Take a look at the comparison pictures below and see the dazzling difference for yourself!

Competitors - no hand charting 💻

Heartful custom diamond painting preview no hand charting

Shadows are the biggest challenge when it comes to rendering custom diamond art of people, especially around faces and skin. With no human intervention, the software simply tries to predict the closest match per pixel.

Heartful Diamonds - hand charted ✍️

Heartful custom diamond painting preview with hand charting

Our designers spend hours orrecting for dark or and inconsistent spots ("confetti") and ensures a much more natural look. Skin tones are "color blocked" to reduce fuzzy effects. The result is much more faithful to the original photo.

Competitors - no hand charting 💻

Heartful custom diamond painting preview no hand charting 2

In this second example, the shadows cast a very muddy shade over the toddler's face. Additionally the software over-corrected for the pink dress, making it much more white than it should be.

Heartful Diamonds - hand charted ✍️

Heartful custom diamond painting preview with hand charting 2

Our designers even out the shadows to make her face brighter and healthy. They've saturated the pink in the dress and also balanced out the tones in her arms. All in all a much more rosy and supple look!

Why our Quality Goes Above and Beyond?

The design process

We take careful time to hand design your custom diamond artwork

However, we care more than anything about quality, and we know you do too. Our expert designers need to carefully go over each and every symbol on the canvas to ensure the colors look as natural as they can be.

The best part is, even with all the extra time we spend on your designs, this part of the process is only 1-2 days longer than our competition. Other companies will claim to enhance your photos but that is where the human input ends - everything else is machine made!

Printing and delivery

Once done, we lovingly craft your unique canvas from scratch

The design file is securely sent directly to our manufacturers and queued for printing. All the diamond drills are packed and double checked for quality (and to make sure everything's there!).

Poured glue is then applied to each canvas and air dried. Everything gets assembled and put together in ultra-protected packaging to make sure your awesome kit survives it's journey to you.

Then all you need to do is wait. We promise it will be worth it!

Heartful Diamonds are your experts in custom canvases

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How do I turn a picture into a diamond painting?

To transform a picture into a diamond painting, you can simply upload your cherished photo or design to our website, and we at Heartful Diamonds will craft a unique diamond painting kit for you. Our team meticulously handcrafts each piece to ensure your memories are captured with the sparkle they deserve.

How much does it cost to make a custom diamond painting?

Embarking on your personalized diamond painting journey with Heartful Diamonds begins at $28 for our smallest size.

The price does vary depending on your preferred canvas size, but remember, each increase in size brings an exponential increase in the breathtaking detail of your final masterpiece.

Will you deliver to my country?

Heartful Diamonds is proud to ship to most countries around the globe with few exceptions.

Shipping costs a flat $7.95 to most destinations. We will cover the costs of shipping if your order is over $75.

Our processing times and delivery times are updated all the time. Please note shipping times may be longer if you are outside the USA, UK and most of EU, Canada or Australia.

What materials do you use to make custom diamond art?

We employ only the finest materials in your custom diamond paintings. Imagine a patented soft felt canvas featuring anti-crease technology, eco-friendly resin drills that capture light brilliantly, and a robust glue with a lifelong bond. This is the Heartful Diamonds promise.

Does Heartful Diamonds cost more?

At Heartful Diamonds, we might not be the cheapest, but we provide unmatched value. Your custom art is special to you and is an important investment.

We're not just selling a product; we're offering a 5-star experience. If we don't deliver the best quality product and customer service, we will gladly return your hard earned money.

Are custom diamond paintings made in the USA?

All our diamond paintings are expertly manufactured in China. This is in fact, where all diamond paintings are made; if you encounter a company stating otherwise, proceed with caution!

At Heartful Diamonds, our difference lies in our meticulous quality control and superior customer service. We're with you, every step of your diamond painting journey.

What is your refund & return policy?

To help all customers have confidence in their purchase, we have an industry-leading 365 day money back promise. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply reach out to us via an we promise our team will make it right!

What is the difference between round diamonds and square diamonds?

Square diamonds fit more tightly to the canvas as opposed to the round ones, which are more forgiving. Still, the square ones require greater precision and time to achieve perfection, while the round ones may leave small gaps.

These gaps are generally inconspicuous from a reasonable viewing distance as they are tiny, and the canvas background usually compensates for the space.

For beginners, we recommend starting with round diamonds.

What is inside of a custom diamond painting kit?

Each of our custom kits comes with the following:

  • Canvas for print and preferred size chart;
  • Labeled diamonds in colors;
  • Drill pens or tweezers;
  • Tray with wax.

Who makes the best custom diamond painting kits?

At Heartful Diamonds, we pride ourselves on creating some of the finest diamond painting kits available, with a personal touch that stands out from the rest. Our commitment to quality and detail makes us a top choice for those looking for a custom diamond painting kit.

Where can I get a custom painting created with diamonds?

For those seeking a customized diamond painting, look no further than Heartful Diamonds. Our easy-to-use online platform allows you to turn your photos into a dazzling diamond art masterpiece.

Where to buy a custom diamond painting kit in Canada?

While our website is the primary source for purchasing personalized diamond painting kits, customers in Canada and elsewhere can order online.

We ensure that your diamond painting experience is accessible no matter where you are, with delivery options to bring the joy of diamond painting right to your doorstep.

Where to buy personalized diamond paintings?

For a wide selection of personalised diamond painting kits, Heartful Diamonds is your go-to online destination. We offer a variety of designs and the unique option to create a custom kit from your own photo, delivering not just a product but an experience to remember.

Additional Information

Privacy and legal

All images submitted by you will only ever be used by us to design and create your custom diamond art. We will never share or sell your personal photos or data with any third parties, for any reason. Heartful Diamonds assumes all customers possess the right to use any images submitted to us for their custom picture.

Color substitution

This is simply a fancy term to describe how colors on your custom diamond painting may not be a 100% match to your digital image. Digital pictures can have millions of very fine colors – the spectrum for diamond paintings are limited to the international standard of 447 (“DMC”) colors.

Our design software will substitute the closest matching colors for certain shades. It’s important to remember that the larger size you choose, the less of a problem this becomes, due to having a much larger area to work with.

Why personalized diamond art?

Personalized diamond art is more than a hobby or pastime. It can be the perfect way to melt away stress, gain a sense of achievement and create a painting that has real sentimental value. A 5D custom diamond painting makes a great gift for a friend or loved one, too. It is also the ideal way to treat yourself if you love nothing more than filling the walls of your home with artworks and photos that have special meaning to you.

Our professional team of artists make better designs from any picture you choose. A custom diamond painting of a picture that has special meaning to you can make diamond art even more enjoyable and exciting to work on. And the end result will be something that you truly love.

Before you place an order for a customized diamond painting kit there are just a few details you should be aware of. If you take the time to read all the information on this page, we guarantee you’ll end up with a custom diamond picture you’ll fall in love with!