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Diamond Painting For Sale

The Heartful Diamonds online store is your one-stop-shop for all things to do with diamond painting. Diamond encrusted artwork has become incredibly popular in recent years and has just about everyone wanting a dazzling diamond piece in their home. The perfect keepsake, gift or modern decorative addition to the home, diamond paintings truly are stand out pieces. Read More

Diamond Paintings For Sale

At Heartful Diamonds, we are proud to offer one of the largest selections of diamond painting kits, supplies, tools and accessories available anywhere online. If you’re looking for a beautiful diamond painting design or to create your very own diamond painting, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Diamond Paintings For Sale

Our extensive range of diamond painting products includes:

Full Drill Kits

Our full drill diamond painting kits provide the full diamond effect. With full drill kits, you cover the entire canvas with diamonds to bring the canvas image to life. Using innovative technology we apply an image to the canvas and provide a full set of diamonds for you to transform the canvas into a full dazzling diamond creation. We have hundreds of full drill canvases to choose from, to suit every taste.

Partial Drill Kits

Our partial drill kits allow the main subject of your canvas image to really stand out through diamond application, allowing secondary detail to remain in the background. We offer lots of different canvases to work from.

Custom Diamond Painting Kits

Want to truly put your own stamp on a diamond painting? With Heartful Diamonds, you can supply your own image for your diamond painting canvas. This is the perfect option if you’ve taken a shot or found an image that you love or want to create a special memento for a loved one.

Premium Diamond Painting Kits

To create a truly mesmerizing diamond painting, browse our premium diamond painting kits online. Each premium kit contains a canvas made from a beautiful soft cloth fabric. Adding to the premium effect are a collection of shiny round and clear diamonds and special large jewels as well as a premium toolkit to ensure you have everything you need to create a diamond masterpiece.

Festive Diamond Painting Canvases and Cards

Create Christmas cards and decorations as well as decorative paintings for other festive events like Halloween using our festive diamond painting kits.

Diamond Painting Tools

For the true diamond painting hobbyist or those looking to advance their diamond painting skills, check out our huge range of diamond painting tools and accessories. We can supply single or whole lots of extra diamonds, premium and standard toolkits, canvas frames and wall applications, blank canvases, diamond storage boxes and bags and lots, lots more.

Buy Diamond Painting Supplies Online

Heartful Diamonds make it easy to find and buy any diamond painting supplies you need online. We are consistently adding to our collection of products too so you are likely to spot new additions everytime you check back to our website.

We are diamond painting hobbyists ourselves and have been helping customers worldwide to find all the supplies they need to pursue the hobby for the last four years. Such is our love for the craft that we ensure to go the extra mile in every way to provide the best online store and service for our customers.

We employ artists to detail our canvases and each canvas is thoroughly quality checked before our in-house experts before being shipped. Shipping is always fast and we can guarantee safe arrival of our diamond paintings and supplies due to our exclusive bullet proof packaging.

When you need to buy diamond painting supplies online, always trust Heartful Diamonds to deliver exactly what you need.

6 Storage Hacks to Make Your Paint By Diamond Even Easier

If you are looking into kits of diamond painting for sale or thinking about getting into the new popular craze of painting by diamonds then one of the things you should know first, is that the kits come with thousands of tiny little diamonds.

Imagine this scenario, you’ve laid out your kaleidoscopic array of thousands of tiny diamonds out the table, and you’re incredibly excited to get started on your very first diamond painting canvas. Then suddenly, your phone rings, you jump up and knock your diamonds all over the floor… That’s not how anyone wants to start when they buy diamond painting for the first time.

Luckily, we have a couple of tricks up our sleeve that will make the storage of your diamonds safe and simple.

Here are our favourite painting with diamonds storage hacks:

Medicine boxes

Now you may already have a medicine box, or it might just be something that you are used to seeing your gran use, but let us tell you that they are absolute gems when it comes to storing your diamonds.

Use the separate containers to hold the different coloured diamonds that you have and the best thing is that they are super secure due to their clip lids.

Use an empty egg tray

A great way to keep your colours separate and safe is by putting them into labelled see-through bags and storing them in the different compartments of an empty egg carton. This way you can easily choose the colour you need and empty out a small number into your kit tray and put the rest back into the divided carton.

Tupperware is excellent for large numbers

Most people store their diamonds in small see-through bags, however, if you have a painting that has a huge number of one colour then we say that you should save space and put them all into one place. This is where a Tupperware comes in handy; they are an excellent and safe way to store a large number of same colour diamonds that won’t require you to sift through hundreds of little bags.

Hangers and safety pins

So you know when you go pick up your dry cleaning and it’s all beautifully arranged and neatly racked? What if we told you that you could do the same with your diamonds? All you need is a hanger and some safety pins and you’re good to go. Put the safety pins through the top of your bags then simply loop the top over the beam over the hanger and you have yourself some diamond dry cleaning that is easy to search through and safe for storage.

These are just some of the ingenious ways that people all over the world are storing their diamonds; do you have another way that you think we should try? If you want to buy diamond painting or are looking for diamond painting for sale, then look no further. Browse around our wonderful kits and designs and find your favourite.

Check out our range of 5d Diamond Paintings, as well as our DIY, personalized, full drill and even Christmas cards today!

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