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How to Store Finished or Unfinished Diamond Paintings Safely

After finishing a design, you will feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment just by looking at your completed beautiful diamond painting. Now, you will be very careful not to accidentally bend or fold it to avoid creases and folds that will cause the loosening of placed diamond painting beads/drills and fall off.

You need a proper storage of your finished diamond paintings or diamond painting kits while deciding how you want to frame them. You need storage where your diamond painting will be protected from folding, dust, dirt or getting wet easily.

It’s very important to properly store finished or unfinished diamond paintings to avoid damage and not waste the effort you’ve put into your masterpiece.

You should also do a sealing method to secure the diamond beads in place before you frame or store a finished or unfinished diamond painting.

Here are some very helpful tips on how to store unfinished and finished diamond paintings.


Storing Unfinished and Finished Diamond Paintings

So, you need to put away your unfinished diamond painting and safely store it. Here are some ideas to create DIY storage using household materials and the ones you can buy.

1. Using Foam Board

This is especially for the ones who like to work on large diamond painting projects or planning to do so. This is commonly used by diamond painting hobbyists. It’s really a great type of board to use for storing your diamond painting. If you have any type of board (or even plywood) that’s firm enough, you can use that too.

a) There are colored variants, you can use different colors if you want especially if you’re planning to make a couple of diamond painting storage made from foam boards.

b) Choose the proper dimension and size. Think of it, are you going to order a 50X100 cm (20X40 inches) then it’s best to get a bigger foam board in case you’ll order a bigger diamond painting. If the bi-folded foam board is large, just carefully use a box cutter.

How to Assemble a Foam Board DIY Diamond Painting Storage

Just take 2 pieces of foam boards with the same dimension, size and thickness and simply use a strong duct tape to join the 2 foam boards together making like a big wallet for diamond paintings.

You can also be creative and make flaps in the opening that will serve as openings that you can close, like an envelope.

It’s also great to keep under your foam bed or put some books on top of it to put a good pressure to flatten out diamond paintings that curls, folds, creases or you just want your canvases to stay flat.


2. Use wide boxes

Boxes are simply good enough for small to medium sized diamond paintings. You can also place your extra diamond painting tools there along with your diamond painting canvases. Read here for diamond painting beads storage ideas.

Give it some decorations using your extra diamond beads too if you want to match the diamond painting content and know right away that’s where you keep your diamond painting treasury.


3. Under the bed mattress

This is probably the cheapest way of storing finished or unfinished diamond paintings. Though it is definitely a temporary way of storing your diamond paintings, the constant pressing of the diamond painting beads into the canvas will be good in keeping the beads in place.

Just make sure that you place it on an even surface below your mattress and that the mattress doesn’t get moved a lot while you’re keeping diamond paintings there. Large furniture with a mattress big enough for your diamond paintings can be good too.


4. Masking tape and plastic cover

Temporarily post your diamond painting on the wall right away using a masking tape (you can use any tape) and then cover it with a plastic cover then secure it using the tape to the wall.

You can tape it to the wall where you’re planning to hang it after you’ve framed it. This can be a good way to have a preview on how it will look on the wall you’re planning to hang it from.


5. Art Portfolio Case

If you have the budget for it and you want to look pro, you can buy an art portfolio case that can easily accommodate diamond paintings as large as 50X100 cm (20X40 inches). You can buy an art portfolio case from the mall, engineering, architect, art supplies and online, just type in search “art portfolio case” on Google.

Actually, anything that’s big enough and secure enough to store diamond paintings can be repurposed for storing your precious diamond art paintings, finished or unfinished.


Keep Your Finished or Unfinished Diamond Paintings Flat, Avoid Bending and Moisture

Keeping your diamond painting flat is the best way to store them as it will help avoid placed diamond painting drills from falling off from its canvas. This is why flat surfaced storing is the best for diamond paintings.

Tip: You can use a COLD iron to quickly flatten out creases or folds on your diamond painting that you’re working on or have finished.

It’s important to keep your diamond paintings from moisture to keep it from certain damage or deterioration.

A great and cheap way to repel moisture especially over long periods of storage is using silica gel packets. Just put some packets where you will keep your homemade diamond painting storage and it will keep it from moisture.

Ultimately, the best way to store and display your treasured diamond paintings is to frame it and hang it up for everyone to see and appreciate.