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Tools & Supplies To Make Your Own Diamond Painting

Are you ready to take on the most popular crafting hobby right now? Diamond painting has become a huge crafting hit worldwide. Bridging innovative imagery technologies with the age-old practice of rhinestone and bead painting, diamond painting allows you to create truly impressive artworks. Read More

Diamond Painting Tools & Supplies - Make Your Own Diamond Painting

At Heartful Diamonds, our online store provides your one-stop-shop for all the supplies and accessories you need to create a diamond painting. You name it; we’ve got it. We can provide everything you could possibly desire to create the most impressive and awe-inspiring diamond paintings. We are consistently adding to our collection too so each time you check back you’re guaranteed to see something new.

The Leading Supplier of Diamond Painting Supplies

Diamond Painting is intended to be a relaxing, peaceful hobby, so we want your shopping experience for diamond painting supplies to be exactly like that too. Sit back, relax and shop our great range of supplies.

All the Tools You Need to Make Your Own Diamond Painting

Our extensive range of diamond painting supplies includes:

Full Drill Kits

With our full drill diamond painting kits, the entire canvas is brought to life through diamond application. The end result is a truly dazzling creation. We have hundreds of designs to choose from, from movie characters to animals, atmospheric nature shots to religious images, gothic designs to peaceful scenery and more.

Partial Drill Kits

Each partial canvas is printed using high definition printing techniques, but diamonds only cover some elements of the canvas.  Partial drill kits are designed to bring a particular “featured subject” to life, using diamond application to highlight the subject with the background made up of digital imagery.

Custom Diamond Painting Kits

At Heartful Diamonds, we even offer the option for you to upload your own imagery and create your very own diamond painting canvas. We can offer advice on how to choose a suitable high-quality image and which size canvas is the best fit to bring your image to life through diamond painting. An excellent idea for gifts or for creating beautiful artwork with family photos for the home.

Premium Diamond Painting Kits

Exclusive to our online store are premium diamond painting kits, containing canvases made from soft cloth fabric, super shiny round and clear diamonds, special large jewel diamonds, a free premium toolkit and branded gift packaging.

Festive Diamond Painting Canvases and Cards

Have some festive fun creating your own diamond encrusted 5D Christmas cards and canvases as well as out 5D diamond Halloween kits.

Diamond Painting Tools

We have all the additional tools you need to create a beautiful diamond painting. Our standard replacement toolkit contains two medium sized trays, a plastic tweezers, three hollow stylus with pick-up extensions and five wax pieces. For the more seasoned diamond painter or the perfectionist, we also have premium tool kits available. Our premium tool kits contain a stainless steel tweezers, multi-pickup tool, extra-large tray, cushiony grip and two extra pieces of glue.

Our range of diamond painting tools and supplies extends far beyond toolkits. You can also purchase diamond storage boxes and jars, extra or replacement square or round diamonds in any colour, diamond drawstring and ziplock bags, diamond stylus pens, diamond painting frames and wall stickers, LED slim light pads, stainless steel tweezers and blank diamond painting canvases.

The Easy Way To Shop For Diamond Painting Tools & Supplies

Heartful Diamonds is the easy way to shop for diamond painting supplies. Can’t find the tool, supply or accessory you need? Feel free to get in touch with our team by dropping an e-mail to explaining what you need. We will do our best to source the supplies you are looking for or advise on a suitable replacement product.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Make Your Own Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is an activity that is growing in popularity for your ease and enjoyability in age groups throughout the world. It’s based on a similar concept to creating a mosaic married to a sort of paint-by-numbers kind of activity.

Diamond painting uses minuscule diamond tiles to create a kaleidoscope of colours, designs and patterns that create 5D ‘paintings’ on canvas. It is a super simple activity that has the same sort of effect as meditation. It is incredibly relaxing, providing hours of fun, focus and entertainment and you create wonderful pieces that sparkle. There are a variety of different kits that vary in size and design that means everyone will be able to enjoy them - no matter the skill level.

Diamond Painting Tools

Although the materials that you get in your kit will depend on where and what you buy, most kits will come with the following diamond painting tools & supplies:

A pre-printed canvas with the design chart

Flat-backed colourful diamond to attach to the canvas

A diamond applicator tool for picking up and putting the diamonds down

Tub of wax or gel to help the diamonds stick to the design

Getting started with your diamond painting tools

Diamond painting at its heart is a simple and fun activity that has very easy to follow instructions that you’ll pick up with ease. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started with making your own diamond painting:

1. Grab your applicator tool and gently dip it into the wax or gel; this will help the diamond stick to the end of the applicator.

2. Look at your chart and find the colour that is associated with the tile that you are sticking your diamond on. Remember to stick the tip of your applicator to the top of your diamond and not the flat bit.

3. Pull off the small piece of film/plastic that is covering the tile that you are working on and stick your diamond onto the symbol

4. And it’s as simple as repeating these steps until you have a complete picture or design.

5. Once the last diamond is in place, don’t forget to cover the top of your complete picture with the provided protective film and you can gently use a rolling pin to roll over the diamonds and make sure they are properly stuck down.

Tips and tricks for your first time using diamond painting supplies

Before you get started, have a look at some of these tips and tricks that might make your first experience of diamond painting even easier:

Get familiar with your chart and designs carefully before you get started. The diamonds will have a colour name or number on them but it may be useful to also put a label of the symbol on the different colour bags, as it will help you to quickly find the right diamonds to use

In an earlier step, we discussed removing the film from the tile area that you are working from and this is for good reason. Don’t remove the whole film and rather do it slowly as you go, as the sticky canvas could pick up dirt or become dry and lose its stickiness

While everyone might not agree, we think it’s much easier to start at the bottom of the picture and work your way up as you go

If you are going to be working row by row, rather than colour by colour then it’s much easier to separate the diamonds by colours into separate bowls rather than using the single tray provided with all of them piled into one.

Remember to put the diamonds flat side down into the container that you are using; this means you won’t have to flip them later when you are trying to pick them up.

Make sure to cover up your applicator tool with plastic and ensure your was tub is securely fastened to ensure that nothing dries out in between the uses of the painting

So, what are you waiting for? Now you’re ready to get starting and make your own diamond painting at home.

Check out our range of 5d Diamond Paintings, as well as our DIY, personalized, full drill and even Christmas cards today!

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