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Diamond painting is fast becoming one of the most popular craft hobbies. If you’ve had your fill of cross-stitching, jigsaws and knitting, diamond painting is the perfect challenge for you. Create beautiful pictures with nothing more than a few tools and a lot of patience and dedication. Diamond art – or 5D diamond painting, as it’s also known – takes the basics of paint by numbers combined with cross-stitch and breathes a whole new life into guided artistry.

Heartful Diamonds is the home of diamond painting for everyone from absolute beginners to seasoned experts. Whether you love to take on a new challenge, want something to do to while away a few hours alone, or even need a hobby to keep your hands busy while you socialize with friends, a diamond painting kit is the ideal activity for you.

Our full drill diamond art kits

No matter the time of year, the style of your home decor or the mood you find yourself in, there’s always a diamond art kit to meet your needs. Find stunning landscapes, emotive scenes from history, delicate portraits and cute cartoons all here on our online catalog. You can even purchase your own unique diamond painting kit by ordering a custom diamond artwork, based on a photo or image you supply.

Original diamond painting or seasonal design?

Don’t fancy a diamond painting original? We’ve got you covered through every season and holiday of the year, too. Find a friendly snowman, spooky skeleton and even a romantic Valentine’s creation when you leaf through our full-drill options.

Learn how to paint with diamonds

There are many crafts and hobbies out there that people are afraid to try because they believe that they might be too complex or challenging to master. But that’s no issue at all when you begin painting with diamonds. All you need is a bit of time to spare and you can easily turn your hand to working on one of our canvases, no matter what your age or artistic temperament. And because they come in a range of sizes and complexities, there’s a product for every timescale – whether you want a 10 hour challenge or a 100 hours one.

Unique diamond painting kits for sale

Browse the largest collection of diamond painting kits and unique diamond art products worldwide now. Our kits come with all necessary diamond painting accessories but if you need additional diamond painting supplies you can find them here.

Starting out with 5D Diamond Painting Kits

There’s nothing quite like the moment you unbox a new kit and have the opportunity to start working on your next masterpiece.

Once you’ve checked through the inventory of drills, tools and your canvas, it’s time to get started with your diamond painting. Simply begin to pick up your diamonds one at a time and put them in the color-coded space.

Getting lost in the flow is just one of the things that makes this craft so darn addictive! The next thing you know you’ll find yourself admiring your latest masterpiece with the sense of calm and satisfaction that only comes through craft work.

The great thing about taking up this hobby is that it is incredibly affordable, too. There’s no shortage of cheap diamond painting kits to be found here at Heartful Diamonds. So, just pick up your diamond pen, pen wax and drill tray and get ready to go.

If you are ready to create a piece of art that shimmers like diamond, browse our catalog today and your order could be with you before you can say “sparkles!”.