Black Friday Super Giveaway - $2500 in Prizes to be won!

Black Friday Super Giveaway - $2500 in Prizes to be won!-Heartful Diamonds

Want to take part in $2500 worth of cash giveaways?

Our community is now live!

Be rewarded for your spending this Black Friday - Cyber Monday

Heartful Diamonds is doing something EXTRA special for all our fans this Black Friday. There are up to $2500 in store vouchers to be given away! Simply spend more than $100 USD over the Black Friday - Cyber Monday period (11/28 - 3/12) to immediately be entered into the draw!

Winners will be announced on 12/8 at 9pm (EST).

Full terms and conditions

  • 1. To be eligible to enter the draw, you would need to spend $100 USD on the Heartful Diamonds online store during the Eligible Promotion Period (12 a.m. Friday November 28 to 11.59 p.m. Tuesday December 3).
  • 2. The amount spent is the net amount after checkout coupons/discounts. However any shipping costs will count towards the amount spent.
  • 3. Once your spending has reached or surpassed the threshold, you will be notified within 24 hours by email of your successful entry into the draw. You may spend the required amount across multiple transactions - it is not necessary to spend $100 USD or more in a single transaction. Additionally there are no restrictions on the type of products that can be bought.
  • 4. Eligibility for entry into the draw will close after Tuesday December 3rd at 11.59pm (EST). Any transactions taking place after this time will not be eligible to enter. Prizes will be drawn on December 8th at 9pm (EST).

Prizes to be won

1 x $500 store voucher

5 x $200 store vouchers

5 x $100 store vouchers

10 x $50 store vouchers

Prize draw conditions

  1. - Winners will be drawn from a pool of all Eligible customers as defined in the terms and conditions.
  2. - Names that are drawn will win the prizes in decreasing order of value. E.g. the first name drawn will win the grand prize of a $500 store voucher. The next 10 names drawn will win the runner up prizes, and so on.
  3. - Once a winners name has been drawn for a prize, that person cannot be drawn again.
  4. - When all prizes have been drawn, winners will be announced at the designated time.
  5. - Prizes will be allocated to respective winners within 5 business days of the winners' announcement event.
  6. - If you have any queries or concerns please contact support via email