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The best professionally designed custom diamond painting kits

100% money back guarantee of design and product quality. 

Our specialty is photos of family and pets. We turn your best memories into amazing personalized diamond art.

How to Create Your Own Personalized 5D Diamond Art

Tip: It's super easy!

create your own custom diamond painting

1. Upload the photo you want customized

choose your size
40x50cm | Square

2. Choose your size and diamond shape

we design, print and ship your diamond art directly to you
Order Received!

3. We design, print and ship directly to you

Our Customers Love Us! Check out 1000s of 5-Star Reviews

Our Customers Love Us!

 Check out 1000s of 5-Star Reviews

Submitted by verified customers

See what our fans say about our Custom Designed Kits...

All diamond painting kits come with everything you need

Takes a minute to learn. No complex skills required!

diamond painting canvas

Start with the canvas

Each kit contains a canvas printed with your chosen design. The larger the size, the more precise the details and more colors you get.

the pen and diamonds

The pen and the diamonds

To compare to traditional painting, the stylus "pen" is your brush and the thousands of "diamond" beads are your paints!

diamond painting kits - plus tray and wax

Plus tray and wax too

Our wide ridged trays are perfect to align your diamonds for work. Use the pen in the wax and fill in the picture - dot by sparkling dot.

Featuring Your Diamond Art!

Proudly display your most precious memories...

Relieve stress and create art

What Is Diamond Painting?

The simplest, most relaxing crafts activity that lets you create a beautiful, sparkling masterpiece of art. All of ou...

Learn more about our diamond painting kits

Do away with the daily stresses and anxieties of everyday life. This is diamond painting, the trending new DIY arts & crafts hobby that lets you easily create gorgeous art that shimmers and sparkles. It's diamond art – just like real diamonds.

  • Get painting with diamonds

    1. In every diamond painting kit you order, you get a canvas with an underlying picture, a color coded guide and the corresponding "diamond cut" rhinestones to stick on to the picture. 

    2. Every kit comes with a glue pad and a special pen. Follow the guide and start sticking all the diamonds on to the canvas with the pen. 

    3. When finished, frame and display the wonderful, shimmering work of diamond art that you created. Read More

  • 5D diamond painting

    No matter what your age or artistic skill, 5D diamond painting can be an incredibly relaxing and rewarding pastime. By following the step-by-step process and dedicating time to creating a truly stunning piece of art, you can enjoy this hugely rewarding craft – no matter what your age. If you’re looking for a hobby to work on alone or with your children, you’ll find the best diamond painting kits available right her at Heartful Diamonds.

  • Diamond art painting you will never tire of

    The beauty of our diamond painting kits is that they come in a multitude of different styles, themes, colors and complexities. From glow-in-the-dark portraits to pastel landscapes to fun-size keychain projects, you can always choose a diamond painting kit that suits your attention span and eye for detail. 

    Many of our customers talk about the therapeutic value of diamond art painting – helping them find focus yet allow their mind to wander. This combination of concentration and relaxation is the sign of a rewarding hobby because it has the power to ease fears, anxieties and the stresses of daily life.

    Many people also choose to complete diamond painting kits as a group. Time spent completing diamond artworks can represent important bonding time – valuable hours without a computer or TV screen in sight.

    Of course, every creation also has the potential to add to your home décor. Feature your best works on the mantelpiece, give one pride of place in your hallway or simply use an artwork to brighten up your bedroom; the choice is yours.

  • Best diamond painting kits for children

    We are proud to offer the best diamond painting kits for children at Heartful Diamonds. Working on new designs is a fantastic way for children to express themselves, develop their concentration and coordination skills, and spend time away from computer screens or games consoles.

    And with a pocket friendly creation, they’ll also have a stunning end product to show off to their friends!

  • Custom diamond painting

    There are hundreds of designs to choose from at Heartful Diamonds. But if you want something that little bit more bespoke and personal to you, why not create your own custom diamond painting. Our range of options is more extensive than other diamond painting websites you’ll find online. 

    Send us a design or photo that you love and we can help you bring it to sparkling 5D life by creating a customised kit just for you. Whether you want to complete a diamond painting yourself to give as a gift or want to give a special someone the chance to express their creative side using an image they’ll love, a personalised diamond art painting is a fantastic gift. All we need to get started is a high-resolution image that you want to use.

    Our in-house experts will check over the canvas before it’s shipped to you to ensure that the materials, diamonds and tools you receive are in good condition and that your new design will be just perfect.

  • Relax and Create Something Beautiful with 3D and 5D Diamond Painting.

    There’s no doubt that modern life is becoming increasingly stressful, but one way to relax and unwind after a hard day is with an absorbing but rewarding hobby. And that’s where Heartful Diamonds diamond painting products tick all the boxes.

    Our kits enable you to create gorgeous shimmering ‘diamond cut’ rhinestone encrusted artwork that will take pride of place on your walls. There’s no prior knowledge needed, and the whole process of painting with diamonds is incredibly easy. We offer a full catalogue of gorgeous iridescent designs to choose from, together with the opportunity to create your own custom diamond painting canvas. So why not try your hand at diamond art today?

    Diamond Painting: A New Way to Create Stunning Artwork

    Relatively new to the arts and crafts world, diamond <strong>5D painting is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to create wall art at home. Whether you’re looking to ‘paint’ one of our 3D animal crystal paintings, you’re looking for a landscape or seascape or Harry Potter and fantasy unicorns are more your thing, you’ll find an enormous selection of fabulous designs to choose from in our online store. We provide everything you need to create your chosen design, including: A ‘digitally printed’ hand designed canvas Color-coded guide – so you can’t go wrong Enough ‘diamond cut’ rhinestones to complete your design Glue pad and a special pen for applying the rhinestones. All you have to do is follow the guide to create your own sparkling masterpiece. It’s relaxing, it’s inspiring, and it’s a little bit addictive – you have been warned!

    Why Should You Buy from Heartful Diamonds?

    That’s a very good question. Let’s just say that we’re passionate about our business. We see it as a way to help our customers to relax while creating stunning artwork. Even if you’ve never tried any kind of painting or crafts before, we guarantee that you’ll be able to produce beautiful ‘paintings’ with ease. For the last four years, we’ve put together some truly eye-catching designs that appeal to all kinds of tastes. We offer one of the most comprehensive selections of partial and full drill designs with the choice of square and round options available on most kits. We also offer diamond custom painting, so you can personalize your canvas with your own photo or favorite images, and a range of premium kits which come in a stunning gift box. But perhaps one of the best reasons to buy your diamond art from Heartful Diamonds is our commitment to providing the best quality components and the best customer service. All our products are of the very highest quality, and we ensure that they are securely packaged and protected to ensure that they arrive in pristine condition. And with an average of just 2.5 weeks’ worldwide delivery time – you’ll receive your chosen design far sooner than you would if you ordered elsewhere. However, if you do have any queries about any of our products or our service, check out our FAQ page or get in touch with our brilliant customer services team 24/7 by emailing

    Create, Love and Share on Social Media

    Share your finished canvases with us on social media. You’ll find us on both Facebook and Instagram, and we love to see your completed masterpieces. And if you sign up to our newsletter, you’ll receive $10 off your first Heartful Diamonds order.

    We sell to hundreds of customers around the world every day – so why not join in the fun?

    Diamond Painting Kits You Won’t Be Able to Put Down

    For the last four years, the team here at Heartful Diamonds have created incredible diamond painting kits that not only offer an amazing selection of truly stunning designs but that are incredibly affordable too. We’ve made it our mission to provide amazingly beautiful products at the best possible prices without ever compromising on quality. Whether you choose one of our eye-catching 5d diamond painting kits or you want to create something unique with a custom diamond painting kit , you’ll find that once you get started on this relaxing and creative art form, you’ll find it difficult to put it down.

    What is Diamond Painting?

    Of course, we’re assuming that you’ve heard of diamond painting before, but just in case you haven’t let’s enlighten you. A relatively new art form, painting with diamonds allows you to create amazing sparkling ‘painted’ canvases with ease. The technique is very easy to pick up, and our color-coded guides ensure that you can’t go wrong. It’s a bit like painting-by-numbers, but rather than use paint you use stunning ‘diamond-cut’ rhinestones to create your artwork. By gluing the resin rhinestones onto the canvas provided, you build up a ‘painting’ that shines and sparkles just like real diamonds. It’s easy, it’s relaxing, and the finished product is truly stunning! Our collections of designs include something for everyone. There are landscapes and seascapes, real and fantasy animals and birds, goths, dragons and fairies, pop culture, religious themes and our seasonal offerings to celebrate the changing seasons, Christmas and Halloween.

    And if you can’t find something to get your artistic juices flowing, we can create a custom kit for you based on a photo or a favorite image.

    Buy Your Diamond Painting Kit with Confidence

    Of course, there are many other kits on the market so why should you buy from us here at Heartful Diamonds? As you would expect we supply everything you need to ‘paint’ your picture in our kits, including a ‘pre-printed’ hand designed canvas, sufficient rhinestones to complete your design, glue and ‘gluing pen’ and a color-coded guide. However, when you buy from us, you can be sure that all the components are of the very highest quality and that we’ve taken the utmost care to ensure that everything, including all your diamonds, is contained in the kit.

    Our collections include everything from partial and full-drill designs with most kits offering the option of either round or square cut rhinestones, plus we also offer premium kits with extra soft velvet canvases and luxury gift boxes.

    We’ve also put a lot of thought and care into our packaging. There’s no point in creating beautiful kits that arrive damaged, and we offer speedy worldwide delivery – so you can get started as soon as possible.

    Quality Products, Exceptional Customer Service – That’s the Heartful Diamonds Promise

    At Heartful Diamonds we believe it’s not enough to just provide exceptional products, you also need to provide exceptional customer service. And that’s what we do. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee together with 24/7 email support from our passionate customer service team at

    Check out our range of 5D Diamond Paintings